The distance from the Cantabrian motorway A-8, E-70, N-634, is 15 kilometres:


• If you travel on the highway A-8, Oviedo-Santander direction:

Use exit 303 (says Posada, Barro, Niembro): at the roundabout turn to Posada, the NLL-11. A half-mile you drive into the AS-263, just in front of the supermarket called El Arbol. Turn left for two hundred meters, and after passing the gas station turn right into the town of Posada to the AS-115.


• If traveling on the highway A-8, Santander-Oviedo direction:

Use exit 300 (says Posada, Balmori, Celorio), at the roundabout turn to Posada, the AS-263 road. Two miles after crossing Balmori and Quintana you will reach Posada. Turn left into the AS-115, enter Posada. [You can also reach Posada using existing output in the service station of La Vega, at kilometer 310, which is unmarked.]

Continue through Posada, following the AS-115 for 10km until you reach La Huera de Mere. Turn left onto the LL-7 (signed El Mazuco and Caldueño). Continue for 3km. After the village of Debodes, take the left turn marked Villa 1. Cross the river and turn right, following the river and uphill towards the village. In front of the first stable that you pass you have to turn sharp left, but since the road is so narrow you have to drive just past the stable to a wider part of the road where you can make the turn. Keep going straight on, pass the yellow house, and between the two little stone houses, for a mile (ignoring a little road to the right). At the end of the road turn left and uphill and you will arrive at La Portiella.

If you are going to use a GPS navigator, don´t write down Villa at the beginning. First, write down "Posada de Llanes". Once in Posada, write Down, "Villa" o "Caldueño". If you don´t do so, the GPS will drive you trough a very narrow and sinuous road.