From home

f you like walking, we can suggest a number of routes of varying length and difficulty that start from La Portiella. All of them are also good for mountain biking. There are pleasant walks in the woods next to the house or around the Valley that can last from 1 to 5 hours. All are easy and have stunning views.

You can also walk around the farm enjoying the farm activities with your children. An unforgettable experience for the little ones: bread for the sheep, food scraps to pigs, corn for the chickens, etc.

During the autumn you can collect the seasonal fruits of forest trees : hazelnuts in September, walnuts and apples in October, and chestnuts in November. If you like mushrooms, it is also a good place to find Lepiotas, cantarelus ...

Without leaving the Caldueño Valley you can enjoy the Asturian cuisine. There are three local restaurants where you can taste all kinds of dishes: the traditional fabada, made ( with local beans, the Verdines beans, another highly prized bean from Llanes cooked with many ingredients such as clams, wild boar, seafood, etc. There is a restaurant that specializes in barbecued local beef or you can try another very popular dish: The tortos, corn cakes with eggs and homemade sausage. All this comes with the best homemade cider in the region.